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Track Record

As we hold our clients confidentiality in high regard, we unfortunately can not release specific details of our clients names or workscope. We will however be shortly issuing some case studies which are based around our key outputs and the benefits they provided.

Ø       Client prioritisation assessment for small engineering firm

Ø       Client market penetration assistance for subsea products company

Ø       Supply Chain Management training for overseas National Oil Companies

Ø       Workshops on Change Management for global subsea engineering company

Ø       Supply Chain vendor database implementation for Operators group West Africa

Ø       Management Team Analysis for oil Operator

Ø       Market penetration assistance for SME into pipeline Oil & Gas markets

Ø       Planning and conducting global Supply Chain National Content seminar

Ø       Bespoke workshops delivery to Saudi Aramco Procurement Department on Negotiation and Cost/Spend Analysis

Ø       Preparation of a sellers memorandum prior to offering Company to the market

Ø       Internal tender department organisational review

Ø       Preparation of a North Sea Supply Chain Management “lessons learnt” brief

Ø       Preparation and design of a Supply Chain Improvement Implementation Plan for major international client

Ø       Marketing assistance for procurement document transfer company

Ø       Oil & Gas industry market entry assistance for utility cost reduction company

Ø      Marketing and account management of an internet based procurement document transfer service company in UK

Ø      Design of an end-to-end SCM strategy workflow for an international engineering company

Ø       Development of the roll-out of Operators SC procedures internally and to global  Business Units

Ø       Preparation and delivery of specialised Oil & Gas seminar to Chinese Operator

Ø       Spend Analysis for Engineering contractor

Ø       Procurement software evaluation

Ø      Facilitation for global asset management group on IT system requirements

Ø      Delivery of an Oil Operators in-house Post Contract Workshop

Ø      Consultancy and workshop delivery on developing value added services for Oil Operator

Ø      Assessment of a large scale logistics planning system to overseas client

Ø      Design and production of an Oil Operators Contracts and Procurement manual incorporating Best Practices and company specific procedures. Phase II will be the delivery of associated Post Contract Management workshops

Ø      Development of Post Contract Management material for Consultancy client.

Ø      Internal Procurement-to-Pay consultancy for engineering contractor

Ø      Overseas engineering contractor’s Purchasing Guidelines review and rewrite

Ø      SCM and Procurement training for Kazakhstan oil producer

Ø      Facilitation of operators Materials & Inventory workshop

Ø      Facilitation on operators Logistics team strategy

Ø      Delivery of a series of SCRIA (Supply Chain Relationships In Action) workshops to the nuclear industry

Ø      Development of Oil Operator Contractor Management procedures, process and tools including roll-out facilitation

Ø      Mapping of Oil Operators Requisition-to-Pay process and development of final procedures and implementation

Ø      Drilling support engineering company supply chain strategy development

Ø      Market/Competitor Analysis of Supply Chain Management providers in the integrated services consultancy business.

Ø      Technology Mapping and Supply Chain input for industry forum

Ø      Design and delivery of Oil Operators Contract process workshop

Ø      Strategy workshop for group of industry trade associations

Ø      Facilitation of sourcing UK suppliers for Far East Oil Operators procurement department

Ø      Presentation to global embassy officials on Supply Chain Management principles.

Ø      Workshop overview to PDVSA as a one day session on Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement

Ø      Development and delivery of  5-day SCM and Procurement workshop in Mexico for NOC

Ø      Development of a Caribbean Operators Supply Chain Strategies for seventeen maintenance packages including supply chain management of the tier one suppliers.

Ø      Facilitation on Vendors technical visits for major South African mineral company

Ø      Assistance with the production and evaluation of Caribbean Operators ITT’s for maintenance services, liaison with suppliers and post contract reviews.

Ø      Assistance with the development of an internet based ITT development and management tool

Ø      Design and delivery of  a series of Contract Management workshops for Operators Contract Holders

Ø      Defining and mapping accountancy company’s processes (As-Is and To-Be processes)

Ø      Proposal development on an international Logistics tracking system

Ø      Key Supplier Relationship improvement workshops for two UK Operators

Ø      Updating and Online Mentoring on a remote learning SCM course for a UK University

Ø      Facilitation/Process Mapping of a subsea Engineering companies Procurement processesDelivery of an international Operators Contract Management workshops incorporating HSE.