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We are a Change Management consultancy specialising in using supply chain management techniques based on common sense principals to implement performance improvement for our clients.

As a result, our clients enjoy lower costs and reach their strategic goals quicker as well as potentially increasing efficiency and improving their service to their clients. Much of the performance improvement is achieved by facilitation and by changing the way personnel work.

The main reason of using The Louisville Consultancy is financial.

Based on our proven ability to be result driven ensures we deliver without the distraction of the day-to-day tasks and management that bottlenecks internal initatives. We can achieve in five days what has been struggling along for the last three to six months of internal resource and deliver the corresponding cost benefits that much sooner. A return on investment (ROI) on the external consultants cost can be of the order of ten to one to over a hundred to one!!

Our services range from facilitated sessions with internal/external teams, desktop studies, and process mapping through to implementing change and measuring results. Details are included in the "Services" sections in the left hand menu.

Most clients are already driving up performance improvement. The problem for every client however, is that at the same time that it is making these improvements, so too are the competition. In the current business environment of cost and efficiency drivers, you have to make improvements to simply stand still.

Companies using the Louisville Consultancy to deliver a step change in performance can gain a competitive advantage. The performance gain we deliver is complimentary and supplementary to the gains anticipated from existing initiatives using internal resources.

Situations where the Louisville Consultancy can be used include: -

Act as a short-term cost effective resource to transfer knowledge or skills (without increasing headcount or payroll)

Develop and implement innovative solutions when the internal team is starting to flag

Deliver substantial, duplicatable improvements in excess of the clients own internal capability

Identify and implement Best Practices from a wider experience base than available internally

Conduct an objective review of current practices and provide improvement opportunities

Deliver solutions to specific problems where internal resources are already committed to other initiatives

Facilitate or act as a catalyst to accelerate results on existing projects

Implement improvements where there is little internal experience but where we have expert knowledge