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Meetings, away days, conferences, brainstorming sessions, client/supplier discussions, inter-departmental talks: these are the kinds of situations most people encounter at work on an on-going basis. And most of the time, they function very well, or at least, well enough. 

However, there are some situations where having an external, objective and independent structure is vital. It is the main driver that’s needed to get people out of a routine rut, to stop people time wasting and to get processes and actions moving forward. If you need to take a fresh look at how your meetings work, facilitation is an essential option. 

Everyone in business has at some point in their working lives come out of a meeting feeling it was a big waste of time (unless of course, they used it to catch up on some much-needed sleep!). People get frustrated, bored, lazy or just plain cynical when meetings don’t accomplish much and there’s little to inspire or motivate. 

Here are some common reasons why sometimes these meetings get bogged down or lose their way: old squabbles, historic ways of doing things, accepted lines of communication (or mis-communication, as the case may be),being too close to the action, poor time keeping, lack of focus on results, etc. 

Facilitators, on the other hand, don't come laden with pre-conceived expectations, judgements or ancient history, have no vested interest, no axes to grind, no points to score. 

As facilitators we see and hear not only the obvious, but are tuned in to what else might be going on that isn’t quite so apparent. We are skilled in interpreting the difficulties, resolving conflict, cutting through time wasting and diversionary tactics and, most importantly, enabling people to reach agreements and develop new practises that will work. 


So think about the more important and crucial meetings in your workplace where everyone keeps going round in circles, and then imagine what the clarity of facilitation might bring to proceedings.

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